I’ve just tested the new spa products from La Biosthetique. The perfect bath rituel at home if you want to feel like being in the spa and spoil your body a little extra! Discover why…

La Biosthetique shower gel

When you are taking a warm shower apply
La Biosthetique wellness gel to your skin and hair…foam well and then rinse thoroughly.

Its active ingredients such as; extract of brown seaweed, extract of green microalgae and seawater makes it act vitalising, moisture-retaining and mild!..and its vitalizing essences of basil, lime, raspberry, and floral accents to leave a really pleasant scent on the skin. I love it.

Then you apply the salt scrub..
Stir the sea salt scrub with the spatula first, so the sea salt is evenly distributed in the gel texture.

(If you wish an intensive peeling effect, then its better to apply the sea salt scrub to dry skin before showering…on dry elbows or knees. If you want a softer effect, then apply the sea salt peeling to damp skin. That’s what I prefer!)
After having added the salt and scrubbed well you remove it with plenty of warm water so that there is no salt left on the skin. Afterwards your skin feels all soft again.

The salt scrub contains sea salt that works as peeling grains and a skin-friendly, nourishing gel of glycerin and oil components..plus vitalizing essences of basil, lime, raspberry, floral accents as well as cedar and moss.

The rich firming body cream 

After the shower take your time to carefully massage the Rich Firming Body Cream into the skin on your body…use gentle circular movements.


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