Sadie the Bullmastiff

Part Time Greeter

For anyone who is not familiar with the bullmastiff breed, they are considered a gentle giant, who can be very curious and may sniff your feet and may even try to give you a kiss, if you her.

I am a very friendly puppy, but you will be surprised just how chill I can be once I get settled on my bed. However, I can be a lot of dog for some people, and we understand some may be intimidated by my size, or have had a bad experience with another dog in the past. If you are at all uncomfortable with me being at the salon during your service, just let one of our team members know, and they can take me home for lunch or a nap. When I am not being a part time greeter at Capelli Salon, I love to fetch sticks and eat treats, and hang close to my family.

Instagram: @sadiethebullmastiff