Hair Cuts

Women, Men, Kids. Whether you like your hair short or long…wear it straight or curly, any one of our talented team of hair professionals would be happy to consult with you. We will use our experience to make recommendations based on what’s in style, your hair texture/type, lifestyle and maintainability. You’ll know you’ve had a good haircut…you’ll just feel it

Hair Stylings

Like you just walked out of our salon! From classic styles to popular trends and creative up-do’s, our team takes you, your look and your style into consideration when designing that one of a kind look. Whether it’s a classic round brush blowout, a smoothing Denman blow dry with flat iron finish or a big bouncy head of curls our team can produce the look you want. It’s a totally different feeling having a night out when you’re rocking a professional blow out, or attending that special occasion wearing a unique polished style. Pop in or call us to book your style appointment.

Hair Therapy

Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair! Get the most out of your cut, color, curls or straightening by optimizing the condition of your hair. At Capelli Salon we proudly pamper our clients with La Biosthetique and Kevin Murphy Hair Care at our back bar and for your take-home needs. It takes little time to care for your hair…in just 20 minutes, La Biosthetique’s Action Phase 2 treatment can actually repair and regenerate the inner and outer structure of the hair. The healthier your hair is the more time you’ll save on styling and the less money you’ll spend on maintenance. You can enjoy this luxury protein conditioning treatment and others in our salon or at home. Pamper your hair today!

Hair Color

Calling all Blondes, Brunettes and Red Heads. Whether you are looking for that rich all-over color with perfect grey coverage, todays hottest ombre highlights or the uber-natural results of balayage techniques, you can trust that our team of talented and experienced color specialists is fully educated in all facets of color. Our close relationship with La Biosthetique and L’Oreal Professional Hair Color provides us with all of the tools to personalize your color and help you discover your best look or the it look of the day. Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Texture & Permanent Waves

Waves and curl are all the rage and although many of today’s looks are manufactured with the use of hot tools, texture perms are an excellent way to achieve volume, control and low maintenance hair. Come in to chat with one of our talented stylists…maybe you could benefit from a texture tweak!

Hair Extensions

Have you always dreamed of having long flowing locks or fuller, thicker hair? Capelli Salon offers various hair extension services. We only work with the best quality hair and during your consultation we’ll discuss what type of extensions would work best for your hair type and needs. Feel free to book your information session now!